Trekking Tours in Asia


For 10 dollars per night, you can enjoy the backpackers’ inn in Singapore, clean and cozy. Of course, hostels in Khao San Road are far much cheaper than here. Spending your nights on the streets here is also cool. I enjoyed watching couples cuddling, caressing, and doting with each other. This sucks though cuz I just noticed that I was the only one walking all by myself just busy clicking my digicam capturing every scenery that struck me and filming the beauty of the city. I didn’t stay long outside having in my mind what another tourist has told me, “Keep your eyes wide-open.” This implied that if you’re not smart enough, you’ll be cornered and get mugged!

One thing I can’t forget about Singapore is the concert. It just amazed me that I was able to watch a 10-member reggae Thai band which according to a Singaporean this group is becoming popular these days. They performed quite well and I love their music!

BLOOP: Again, strangers would just approach you and ask why you’re alone. And if you gave in and got magnetized by their smile, you’d just find yourself hanging out and drinking with them.

Like Thailand, there are lots of things to do in Malaysia. I found people here pretty strange but cool. “Am I in India?” I asked myself. Most of Malaysians look like Indians. Out of curiosity, I indirectly asked a native some questions that were playing on my mind. I’ve learned that one of their ancestors is Indian folks and he spelled it as ‘Indu’ ancestors. I spent most of the time in China Town well at least I didn’t feel alienated here.

BLOOP: For the first time, I saw a guy who was attempting to jump down from the 9th floor of the building. Everybody was looking up, watching and screaming. ‘What is his problem?’ Split up? His girlfriend broke him up? Whatevah! Video cam was on. I filmed the scene as edgy as his state standing on the edge of that 9th floor. Why not on the top of Petronas Twin Tower? It would be more memorable cuz the building or tower has got its name and fame. Just like a movie, messiahs on the rescue! Firemen and Men in Blue saved him. The edgy guy lost his balls maybe because of an angel’s touch and whisper (with wings)- absorbent.

Back to Bangkok to Islanding

Picked up other group tour mates
Departed : 7:30AM
Upon the arrival, we got into the speed boat.
Coral Island- swimming until you get burnt, snorkeling, submarine tour, jet skiing,
Swimming again
Left the Island
GEMS GALLERY SHOW IN PATTAYA- rode on a mini-train cart inside the tunnel.

BLOOP: I really wanted to rush-track away while the virtual presentation was on. It was damn dark inside! And it was only me in that tunnel! The lights were only turned on every after station. Those statues as representation of the GEM MINING seemed real! Shivering, I told myself, “Relax, this is just a show not ghost hunting.”

Instead of taking the plane I took the bus to Phuket Island.
Time: 17:30pm to 11:30pm.
From the peaceful beaches to the pristine white stunning sands, you can grasp the ultimate natural beauty for only 500 Baht (13USD) but you have to keep watch of your butt, traveling by bus for how many hours?! This is how I pinch my pocket.

BLOOP: That stranger- Indian guy who supposedly my official photographer… He carelessly dropped my digicam into the beach water! Did he intentionally do it lamely because he wanted to swim with me rather than just being the photographer, wahahahaha?

Bags were packed. Got two hours left before going to the airport. I left my stuff somewhere and took my last walk on the Khao San Road. Goin back and forth, same scenarios you see there. After an hour, I sat down with the streetwalkers on the roadside. Another friendly stranger would say ‘Hi!’ and the chat went on till you get to know each other a bit. Eventually, you would be beering and cheersing. You refused but persistence smacked you out. Having boozed by two cans of beer Chang, I had to bid goodbye to this ‘stranger turned friend’ guy.
Airport blues: Too early for the check in, I pushed the cart goin’ around bump after bump saying ‘sorry’ to the person hit by the cart I was hand- gripping. Toink! Tipsily, I was zigzagging while looking for a bench where I could sit on.
JASS (Just A Simple Suggestion):
If you do really love being digicammed, never ever tour or travel without an official photographer with you. Your tripod can do but it’s kinda toxic setting it there and here spotting the right angle with all those people who are eyeing at you while doing your gestures and posing. Awkward, this is how it seems and feels upon ambushing and patting those people who are within your sight just to ask them “Excuse me! Sorry for bugging you but can you be my photographer just for few seconds please?”

The bloopers and all, “The entire tour was really awesome!”

Safe and sound, I’m back to the real world… real world in a sense that I have to deal with Mr. Rut and Mrs. Mundane once again.

Travel Date: August 2006


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