My Trip to Germany


Germany was just one of the amazing countries I have visited here in Europe. I spent few days there and was hosted by my German friend. Despite the short span of time, Silke and I did a lot of stuff including walking and running just to catch the intercity trains. Twice we did almost miss the train- just when we stepped in, the train doors closed and the railway tracking began.

Historic Germany has much to offer including mountains, marvelous scenery, picturesque villages and castles. The best time to travel there is between May and September. I should have thought about this. And once again, I realized that I’ve traveled in the edgy season- windy, downy-dark, foggy, dry autumn. The weather didn’t hinder us though from enjoying the outdoor bustles such as visiting cafes, strolling and shopping.

Instead of putting the narration down, I think it is better to mount some photos. (October 2008)

Silke, the host and my tour guide

Sausage stand

An angle of Hamburg

Just another Autumn in Hamburg


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  1. it sounded like you had a wonderful time. it brings me back to remember when i used to catch trains to get to my sister’s place in Meerssen, NL.

    you take very good pictures and it really made me appreciate Germany even more. although i’ve been to Germany (Cologne and Aachen), i have never tried about that German trademark. what is it? made me feel like i haven’t gone to germany at all.

  2. ‘Trademark’ supposedly, should mean a distinctive characteristic associated with a person, group of people or a country.

    I asked my German Friend, if she could think of a word that could describe Germany. She pointed the sausage/hot dog stand. It’s kinda shallow, isn’t it? But it’s not.

    “The flavor of hot dog sausages varies widely by region and by personal preference, as do the accompaniments. The flavor of the sausage can resemble a range of similar meat products from bologna on the bland side to the German bockwurst in the spicier varieties.”

    So, the finale of my “last-minute” trip?
    Grabbing a huge hot dog and ate it with gusto.

  3. Those photos were taken “by me” in Germany. Whatever you see here were witnessed by my bare eyes. I was there. Sadly, I didn’t have a tripod.

    I always want to make my post shorter, too much blah blahs would bore some readers.

    My bad… I didn’t write more about the pics. And just to keep my page updated, I immediately posted this and plastered some of my trip photos. Right after posting this, I headed to the hospital for another check up.

    Thanks for the tip, dearie AJ! It’s appreciated 🙂

  4. Wunderbar! (I believe that’s “wonderful” in German…correct me if I’m wrong.)

    But however wonderful the pix are, I would’ve wanted to read your thoughts on it too. As you know, one experiences a place in one’s mind. What I see on the pix may not necessarily what you saw or experienced.

    Demanding ba me? 😀

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