An Invinsible Summer


There’s nothing more enjoyable than waking up on warm summer morning to the birds chirping and the sun gleaming. And oh la la! The smell of suntan lotion in the air, and all the tanned souls walking around under the blue sky…

The promise of summer unfolds- a time to renew, recharge and be more in harmony with the world. Summer simply appears in all its glorious beauty. We become more relaxed, calmer and our mental state naturally alters in the warm rays of the sun. What’s not to love about summer?

Sure-fire, the heat can be uncomfortably hot and stuffy, but the benefits far overshadow the few negative things about summer. Taking a vacation and going down to beaches make you forget about things for a while.

Yes, the beach! Having the opportunity to dip your feet into the ocean (with cheery waves hugging your bare skin) makes you feel good. Life seems easier and lovelier in this season. Don’t you just love watching couples walking on the beach, some kissing on blanket on soft white sand? They look so romantic, don’t they?!

But what’s significant being at the beach is that you can feel the soothing effect of the sea. I could just sit on the sand and watch the breadth of the briny. The large ripples on ocean, curling over and falling as it reaches the shore, make you feel like you are being swept away into paradise. Moreover, you blank over the hassles of life and simply enjoy the cool water lapping at your feet as you contemplate your prescience into the horizon. Without a doubt, the sea has some potent power to make you think things you like to think. Even more amazing is looking at the clear blue sky- not a single cloud can be seen.

“To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.-I.N.”

To boot, what else do you get from beaching? Tanned skin. Summer gives you a chance to put a little color into your fair skin before winter comes. Seeing your naturally sunburnt skin makes you feel sexier 🙂 and gives you so much pleasure.

Most importantly, when all the good things about summer are well-thought-out, the feeling of solitude at the beach cannot be repudiated, even if you’re with friends, someone you love or family. And when you finally have gripped this so called blue serenity, the voice of the sea speaks to your soul as you feel at one with God’s grandest bequest of nature… Ahhh, summer.

Be off to the broad, blue sunny deep tomorrow again. Gonna enjoy the summer to my heart’s content and shouldn’t be just a couch potato, sitting inside blogging at all 🙂 .

Enjoy your summer, everyone!


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  1. I can’t wait to go home and hit the beach in August!! I have a good start on my tan as there’s a rooftop sundeck at my apartment building, and my face is splashed with my summer freckle collection. You’re right, there’s something about that little extra color that makes you feel damned fine 😉

  2. Summer is bikini time and sunburn season. my skin right now is peeling off, my spf didn’t work well 😦

  3. Having fun under the sun huh.

    What I love about summer is that I feast my eyes on hot girls in their bikinis and their bronzed bodies 🙂

  4. love those waves. We definitely have to put in the extra effort to enjoy the summer to the fullest while it’s here. For a lot of us, warm sunny weather is only here 3-4 months out of the year.We should try to do as much as we can before we get stuck with our nine months of winter again!

    In summer, swimming is always a necessary to get my tan on. Let’s beat the heat!

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