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Pinky Agony of Traveling Alone


Lady in pink: Excuse me. Could you take a photo of me, please…

Woman with the twins in pink: Yeah, sure.

Lady in pink: And can you lend me your twins for a second? You know, pictures of twins are like gold to me. They’re so adorable.

Woman with the twins in pink: Sure, no problem.

Trios in Pink (Olympic Stadium, Berlin 2011)

Lady in pink: Dankeschön

Woman with the twins in pink: Gern geschehen! Tschüß.

Lady in Pink: Tschüß!

(How I wish angels disguised as human tripod were just that easy to find…)


Language Barrier in the Air


With the English flag in the air and the air balloon, I would interpret this image as “DIE W…ORLD”, lol.

Boy, I should start learning German.

August 24, 2011 Berlin, Germany