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My timetable has been framed for tracking the airways since last summer break. Some circumstances were really inevitable though. I was battling with my villains for few months and was bottled in with the summer camp. Longing to see the other parts of the world, I never stopped ringing the travel agency asking about the ticketing and hotel booking. Peak season, I had a hard time booking some periods I wish to stay. Been rutty to rats, I asked Gavin, my friend, to book the ticket for me. I wanted to gain back the momentum of my sanity so I set aside everything and packed my knapsack and snuck out for a while. I’ve never thought about the fund I would be spending anymore. The invisible rope tied around my feet, was so tight that it was stinging my epidermis. I wanted a place where I could possibly breathe real oxygen that I’ve been missing for years. Simile- I am just like a wheel that ran out of oil or gasoline, stranded in the middle of the road that has not been taken, waiting to be dragged and towed away.

Tagging along with me was my dearest snoopy. He can’t talk but at least he listens to me and he’s off with me.

The Treks:
Departed: Shanghai Airport

Destination: Bangkok to Phuket- Pattaya- Bangkok- Singapore- Malaysia- Bangkok

I ain’t gonna narrate the commas, the exclamation points that could describe the entire tour; I’ll just connect the dots with the lines to the last bar-dot. It would be a lengthy piece if I’d write on every single move.


BLOOP #1: No map, no travel guides book just the info I got from the internet, Thailand, here I am, stepping and hopping on your womb! But I have a notebook where I listed the places I should see and some hotels/ inns/ hostel addresses.

BLOOP #2: I didn’t know which way I should be heading to, couldn’t even pinpoint where east-north-south or west was. All I knew was ‘this is Bangkok International Airport’. Where do I go from here? I showed the address of the booked hotel to some Thais and they instructed me how to get there- By taximeter plus 50 Baht for the airport charge.

BLOOP #3: The receptionist: ‘Sorry Ma’am but your booking was not fully processed.’ What??? But what are these invoice and papers for that they sent me thru email? It takes 5 to 7 days to book a hotel, they emphasized. And you came here after 3 days since you’ve started to process your online booking. It was too late for me to go and look for another place to stay in; no other option than to pay for my overnight stay in their hotel. After paying, I went straight to the internet corner and I bullied my friend thru email asking what the hell happened to the booking. He has a visa card; I don’t have it so I paid the money to him to book the hotel. I demanded him to just do the money transfer thing so I could get my money back. He did after a day.

I moved from that hotel to Sukhumvit Soi Noong for lodging then to Khao San Road. While on the road, my eyes were wandering. Taxis come into different colors mostly neon ones. Colors such as orange, purple, dual colors- yellow and green, blue and pink, these look so cool! They also have fuchsia!

Bangkok – City of ANGLES, Thailand’s famous capital city gets more visitors than any other city in Southeast Asia.

Why is this so? Because every visitor finds something exciting to do in Bangkok! This is the city in Asia that never sleeps. You will find fun and excitement in Bangkok twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week. During the day you may want to go sightseeing at one of Bangkok’s historic and beautiful Buddhist temples.

Bangkok has so many auspicious shrines and images, and the local people will tell you that if you make an offering to the right shrine, you will become rich and happy (dunno if this is true though). Bangkok is also the best city in the region for shopping, and most visitors spend their holiday hunting for many bargains to be found in Bangkok. You will find so many wonderful things to take home with you, and always for the best prices. As a matter of fact, I promised myself not to buy anything because I didn’t wanna be stuffed. But gosh, I just couldn’t control myself!

After a day of sightseeing and shopping, you’ll want to eat some of your favorite Thai and Chinese dishes. (Pat Thai is my favorite.) Then the fun begins when the sun goes down. Bangkok has the most exciting nightlife in the world. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it in Bangkok and this can be testified by RJ who’s more legible and reliable to talk about Thailand. I was there for just a short span of time.

Khao San Road: Where the world’s young travelers meet! It’s my favorite place in Bangkok too! It is a favorite crossroads for the young travelers on a budget. Actually, I decided to move here from the hotel where I first stayed in when I got to Thailand. It has evolved over the last two decades from just one small hostel providing low- budget accommodation become one of the worlds well- known destinations. It has been featured in many movies and TV documentaries.

Suntime: Khao San Road is the scene for the back-packers looking for a cheap room while others are arranging transport to their destination in Thailand or overseas. I was able to reach other countries by simply taking the train where you can buy cheap tickets here at Khao San Road. As a solo tourist, I met different nationals here and chatted with them anything goes under the sun. So much to say and share about culture differences.

Moon/light-time: It turns into a lively thoroughfare lined with street stalls selling cheap clothes, handcrafts, souvenirs, and thousands of other items. The lights are on at many bars where travelers tell tales of the days adventures and discoveries and the plans for tomorrow.

Khao San Road is not just for foreign travelers, many young Thai people like to hang out there, including members of the TV and film production industries. The location is very convenient! It is just a 10-minute walk to The Grand Palace and Sanam Luang. You can also try their TUK-TUK if you don’t wanna walk.

Bangkok Nearby Attraction (These are just some of the places that I’ve been to. I’d have been ripped off if I tracked all those tourist spots.)

Grand Palace– Built by King Rama 1, Chakri Dynasty, as the king’s residence when the capital was moved from Thonburi to what is now Bangkok. This is a spot to view Thai style and culture.

BLOOP: I was wearing a skirt and a topsy when I went there but I was told to wear a monk-like outfit before entering the palace. As sacred as their King huh.

The Crocodile Farm and Zoo– Largest farm and is situated approx. 10 km outside Bangkok. The crocodile shows include crocodile wrestling.

BLOOP: While taking photos with those crocodiles after the show, I couldn’t help but to run away in a jiffy! They were opening their mouths like hungry monstreals! Yaay! I’m not a mafia of the World Wide Wrestling Federation for the crocodile kingdom.

Rose Garden– As the name denotes, this is a garden of roses, name the color and they have it. Inside the garden you can also watch the Elephant show. You will surely go bananas once you see those gigantic elephants. I was so excited to ride on (Not for free, it’s 50 Baht per round 5 meters elephant walk.) Thai cultural show is also a part of the program- It encompasses the lifestyle of Thai folks especially in the village and for few minutes you can watch the famous ‘Thaiboxing’.

BLOOP: Our tour guide was not that good in guiding. He would just say some blah blahs about the place then he’d set you off wherever you wanna go. After my pictorials with the Thailywood elephants, I went straight to the stadium. I was wondering why only 10 or 11 persons were inside. I’ve waited… Bored, I stepped out to look around the garden. For 2 minutes, I saw those elephants doing their stunts and exhibitions, they danced with the music, they grooved. Just when I started filming, I heard the emcee announcing “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the end of the Elephant Show. Please proceed to the stadium for the Cultural Show. Thank You.” Golliby! I missed the Elephant Show.

Floating Market
– World famous market on water located in Rachburi province and is available easily in Khaosan as a day trip. All sorts of souvenirs, goods, products, veggies, fruits, etc. you can find them here. My tour mate and boat- seatmate Rodrigo, a Spanish national, was like a mute hunky. ‘I speak English a little.’ said he. And that was the only thing I heard from here. He scarcely talked. Here comes my tandem, the Japanese guy who majored in Spanish language. Finally, the Spanish guy opened his mouth and started chatting with us. Though my Spanish was not really that fluent, I engaged in their conversation.

BLOOP: As for service fee, we gave a certain amount to some vendors who did the clicking for us. They didn’t want to hold the cameras without charge. Money here is an aqua-talker!

Jungle Trekking– Jingling in the jungle. Gonna ride the elephants to drive you around until you reach the rafting area. After the tiring trek, you can indulge yourself into therapeutic hot spring. Staying in a tree house is a part of the program too but be ready to be bitten by wild bugs and insects while you are asleep at night! But how could you get some sleep, if you’re bugged by these tiny species? Mosquitoes there would even love your ‘off lotion’! That’s how they treat the jungle trekkers.

BLOOP: Echo! Echoooooo!!! Blood- sucker!!! This wild leech was attacking Becky, my tour mate! She was screaming that her husky voice  echoed and bounced back there and here. The rest of the group didn’t know what to do so I got a handful soil and rub it on her leg where the leech was sucking in. We calmed her and said “That was only a leech not a vampire.”